Teen Counseling

Does your teen struggle with mood swings which are out of control, boundary problems, and/or not understand proper interpersonal relationships? Maybe you have seen a negative change in behavior and your home lacks family peace. Anyone can make changes to their life, but it can feel overwhelming to face those problems alone. Together, we will try to understand what is really underlying your child's struggle.

Adult Counseling

Are you having a difficult time finding balance in your life? You're overworked, over-stressed, and maybe don't know where to begin to find some answers to your problems. Perhaps you're struggling through a tough transition in your life and don't know where to turn. Individual therapy can help you get unstuck.

Adoption Counseling

Do you have questions about your birthparents or about identity? Perhaps you've never quite felt a part of your family, or felt "different."


As an adoptee, I combine my

personal experience with my professional training to offer you a unique understanding of adoption issues and how to manage them.

Adoptee Circle Support Group

Are you an adoptee in search and reunion? Maybe you are thinking of searching and don't know where to start.


Support groups for adoptees can provide information, emotional support, and encouragement from your peers.